Eesti MuuseumiühingEesti Muuseumiühing

Management Board

The management board of the Estonian Museum Association was elected at the annual meeting on June 2021. Dagmar Ingi (director for exposition and education, Estonian Open Air Museum), Inge Laurik-Teder (acting research director, Museums of Virumaa), Kaie Jeeser (head of the collections department, Tartu City Museum) and Kerttu Männiste (curator and collection manager, Art Museum of Estonia) continue on the new board. Kristi Paatsi (head of the Kalamaja Museum of the Tallinn City Museum), Paavo Kroon (curator, Estonian Road Museum) and Karen Jagodin (CEO of Vabamu) were elected as new members. Eve Kasearu from the Estonian National Museum, Tõnu Pani from the University of Tartu Natural History Museum, and Eve Otstavel from the Haapsalu and Läänemaa Museums were elected to the internal audit committee.