Eesti MuuseumiühingEesti Muuseumiühing

Estonian Museum Association

The mission of the Estonian Museum Association is to contribute to the preservation of our common cultural heritage and the sustainable development of museums by valuing, developing and sustaining the profession of museum workers.

The Estonian Museum Association (EMA) was founded on 15 November 1988.

The members are museum professionals working in state, public or private museums. The association has more than 400 members.

The EMA publishes the magazine Muuseum (since 1995); organises the nationwide Museum Night, the Spring Days for Museum Workers (with the general meeting) and the Estonian Museum Festival in Narva; presents the Museum Memento Award EMMA and the Friend of Museums title every year; and together with the Museum Council at the Ministry of Culture, presents the Annual Museum Awards. Various training events and information days are also organised on the initiative of the EMA. We inform members about our joint activities through a newsletter. In addition, the association maintains a museum list for exchanging information between museums.

The EMA is represented in the Museum Council advising the Ministry of Culture and its various committees. At the international level, EMA is a member of the Network of European Museum Organisations (NEMO) and, through its members, of a number of other international associations (EMF, ICOM subcommittees).

Important information:

Registration No. 80101525

Postal address: Muuseumi tee 2, Tartu 60532, Estonia

Contact information:

CEO Anu Viltrop
phone: +372 5665 9118
e-mail: or

Bank accounts:

SEB  EE691010052037346005
Swedbank  EE832200221057022917