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Estonian Museum Association
Veski 32, Tartu, phone 735 0412

Info in Tallinn: Pikk 70, phone 641 1410

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Tartu: Veski 32, Tartu 51014, tel 735 0412, 527 7854
Tallinn: Pikk 70, Tallinn 10133, tel 641 1410 

Estonian Museum Association was established on November 15, 1988 to acknowledge and value the work of professionals preserving and protecting cultural heritage at museums.

Members of the association are museum employees making their daily living at public and private museums or museums administered by legal persons in public law. The membership exceeds 300.

In order to improve the professional competency of its membership, Estonian Museum Association is regularly organizing seminars and excursions. In addition, a series of educational publications called “Treasurer’s Notebook” is being published, helping museum employees in the accomplishment of specific tasks. The publication “Museum”, which started appearing in 1991, has now evolved into a professional magazine.

Starting from 1998, Estonian Museum Association has been organizing an exhibition festival together with Narva City Government and Narva Museum to promote the entrance of innovative and interesting exhibitions to the sphere of interest of colleagues and the public by way of professional competition.